Friday, August 9, 2013

Travel wheelchair, transit, transfer, transport wheelchair 旅行轮椅 Kerusi roda melancong

Travel wheelchair, transit, transfer, transport wheelchair comes with a bag, can be luggage of a plane or bus ( net weight 8kg to 10kg )
Kerusi roda melancong
Code : H7CNR4

Handle grip & handbrake
8 inch rear wheel
6 inch PVC castor

 Flip up armrest
 Safety belt
After folding
 After folding

STEP 1 : folding it
 STEP 2 : put into bag , so that it can be luggage of a plane or bus 

STEP 3 : zip the bag
STEP 4 : So easy , Let go !! travel now ^_^



This is a type of lightweight, folding and easily portable wheelchair. A travelwheelchair can be much more convenient to store, transport and set up than a standard model. Using this type of device can make traveling less stressful and more enjoyable.

  • Perfect for traveling overseas;
  • with its 8kg weight, 
  • it will save you loads on flight baggage fees!