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Friday, August 9, 2013

Malaysia lightweight reclining wheelchair 可坐臥轻型轮椅 Kerusi roda ringan boleh jadi tempat tidur

Lightweight Reclining wheelchair
Kerusi Roda Ringan  


8 inch PVC castor
24 inch rear spoken wheel
Handle grip & handbrake
 Cross bar

Detachable footrest
Detachable armrest

After Folding



A reclining wheelchair is similar to a light weight wheelchair but has the added feature of being able to recline the backrest. Reclining wheelchairs allow paralyzed people to move into a fully reclined position for laying or sleeping purposes. It is important for people to be able to change their body positions frequently throughout the day. Those who are not paralyzed go throughout the day in numerous positions such as standing, squating, leaning, sitting and laying down. Being able to position yourself in such various ways prevents certain things such as body sores and muscle aches. However, if you are stuck in one position too long, regardless of the position, the body will have negative effects such as body sores. Therefore, having a wheelchair that allows you to adjust your position is the best option for your health.

Health Benefits
There are numerous specific health benefits for using a reclining wheelchair. One benefit is that it improves circulation. When you move your body into a different position it changes the way your blood flows from organs and extremities. The variation between sitting and laying down helps improve over-all health through better circulation. Also being able to distribute your body weight pressure significant reduces sore spots. If you get a sore spot from sitting in one angle, the ability to lay down and remove pressure from that sore spot will increase the speed at which it heals.
There is also some evidence that being able to move into different positions can improve muscle tone. Several other benefits of reclining include better bowel and bladder function, alleviating hypotension and to ease transferring the patient.