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Friday, August 9, 2013

Malaysia Convertible hospital bed wheelchair, Convertible commode wheelchair, 可转換医院床轮椅 Katil hospital kerusi roda

Convertible hospital bed wheelchair
Katil hospital kerusi roda
code : H7UKR4




Dimensions: 2060 (900) 720 × 550 (L × W × bed height)
★ bed surface can widen narrowed, widened for 2060 × 800mm the narrowing is 2060 x 700mm.
★ bed widening and narrowing of the barricades can upright and drooping. Under the bed with a can brake caster can move freely in the ranks smothering, narrowing after.
★ back bed surface automatically steam Spring, adjustable from 0-80 degrees, and hand-foot bed the bent knees bits can rise 0-30 degrees anywhere, foot bed surface lines and illustrate pin lock.

★ hand automatic conveyor toilet, patients need to urinate, pull the handle outward, counterclockwise rotation after straightening will automatically open the manhole cover, toilet sent to patients with hip rotation in the opposite direction after the toilet can be sent, will manhole cover also will be closed.
· Hand made ​​of high-carbon steel, foldable, with dual-limit protection device, light and comfortable operation.
· Bed steel strips design, overall steel spray
★ with transfusion belts, hangers, table, Users table to dining, drinking tea, reading, writing, and very convenient.
★ bed with casters can be moved into a wheelchair, and brakes.



The product is currently the most complete home (medical) care beds, can not only achieve the supine Banwo, sitting form, but also to meet the patient shampoo, foot, urine and other day-to-day care needs. And with the infusion stand, tables and other standard accessories to meet patient care needs, and also reduce the pressure of care, reduce the burden on caregivers ^ _ ^

The bed is designed for the special needs of life can not take care of patients, the disabled, critically ill patients, paralyzed, to solve the long-standing common patient toilet, eat, move, read, write, and entertainment is difficult, and many other problems. And meet the patient's physical and psychological requirements, improve the the rehabilitation force, greatly reducing the burden of care. Wheelchair-design, the patient lying on the bed can be adjusted supine, semirecumbent sit straight three positions. You can also adjust the angle of the leg; patients can also read in bed, writing, dining with the design of the toilet cubicle at people in bed, urine. Its user-friendly design, to solve a series of difficult care problems.



Easy care:
The very convenient sit-ups or cleaning the lower part of the can, pull out the handle and shake the handle potty automatically enters or exits the patients with hip, removed after potty, hand restitution. Comes with a drip stand, table surface, and seat belts to meet the needs of different situations. Whether in any posture, patients can feces and urine.
Shampoo footbath device on the basis of the multi-function products nursing bed, solve the problem of clean personal hygiene. Can not get out of bed suitable for elderly patients or inconvenience to get out of bed, they rest, treatment, and care services for travel and daily life must be, to improve the standard of care, improve the patient's quality of life, especially for families, communities, health care institutions, nursing homes, elderly disease hospital use.

仰卧起坐 十分方“便”或清洗下部均可,向外拉手柄并摇动手柄,便盆会自动进入或退出病人臀下,便后取出便盆,手摇即恢复原状。另配有输液架,餐桌面,并设有安全带,满足不同情况需要。无论在任何姿势时,患者均可大小便。