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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Malaysia Major Buggy 痙孿兒童 轮椅 Kerusi beroda major buggy

Major Buggy
Kerusi beroda major buggy

code : H8YER4

Children's four-wheeled buggy for an older child. Optional smaller seat and padded lateral inserts.

This buggy is produced by Maclaren. It has a removable footrest which can be positioned at three different heights. If you think your child needs one, speak to your physiotherapist who can refer you to your local wheelchair service. There are different types supplied according to the needs of your child.
For the first few months of use it vas extremely difficult to fold the buggy so you may need to purchase some WD40 or similar. Its not easy to hold your child and fold the buggy at the same time, although it does fold in the same way as many other pushchairs. A particularly useful feature is that the brakes work when the buggy is folded down, so it can stand independently.

Seat depth : 26cm
Seat height: 58 front; 46 backcm
Seat width: 39cm
Back height:  26cm

  • folding frame
  • two large double swivelling front castors
  • two large double braked rear castors with safety lock
  • heavy duty box tube frame
  • nylon fabric seat
  • five-point harness
  • three-position detachable footrest
  • push handles