Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Malaysia Pneumatic tyre wheelchair 充氣 膠胎 輪椅 Kerusi roda berangin

Pneumatic tyre wheelchair
Kerusi Roda berangin
充氣 膠胎 輪椅

code : H7AWR4

16 inch PVC castor
60 inch Pneumatic tyre
Handle grip
Backrest cushion & Seat cushion & Safely belt
Armrest pad & Side panel
Cross bar
Storage bag
After Folding


This pneumatic wheelchair is more comfort on the road or outdoor. It have gone the extra mile of fitting threaded tyres allowing the users to use the wheelchair both indoor and outdoor .
*充氣轮椅,適合室外及室内用, 震動少, 較舒服.